Specifications Edit

Factory Designation: Airborne Reconnaissance Labor Type 99

Codename/Nickname: Helldiver

Operational Units: Unknown, At least one JGSDF Company (8+ machines) seen in Patlabor 2

Manufacturer: Shinohara Heavy Industries, Hachioji Factory

Rollout Date: October 1999 A.D.

Operating Organization: Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force Airborne Labor Battalion

Height: 7.95 Meters

Width: 4.55 Meters

Base Operating Weight: 5.75 Metric Tons

Operating Weight with optional equipment: 6.81 Metric Tons

Armor: FRP with Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Skeleton.

Maximum Lifting Capacity: 3.10 Metric Tons

Minimum Revolving Radius: 3.90 Meters

Normal Armaments:

  • Combat Knife x1
  • 40 Millimeter Rapid-Fire Machine Gun x1

Optional Equipment:

  • Parachute Backpack x1
  • LLLTV night vision equipment
  • Smoke Discharger x8
  • TOW Anti-Tank Missile Launcher x1
  • Note: One TV Series episode suggested that the Helldiver has the option to fire a weapon on an occasion when the 40mm cannon was clearly not equipped. It is unclear if this is a scripting error or intentionally refers to the capacity for a internally-stored firearm.

Appearances in Anime Edit

Original OVA: Yes (As a prototype)

TV Series: Yes

New OVA ("New Files"): No

Movie 1: Yes

Movie 2: No

Movie 3: No

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