ASUKA-MPL-96 Asuka-96 Taisyo

The ASUKA-MPL-96 Asuka, or simply "Asuka" was the first Labor seen in the TV series, appearing in a short-lived active role in apprehending a drunken construction worker piloting an HL-97 "Bulldog" construction labor after apparently being disgruntled over his work. however, it seems the Asuka just didn't have what it took to bring down the offender, as well as the pilot, a senior officer named Isao Ohta (Oota depending upon translation.). In the end, the Asuka's leg was lifted out from under it after a driving stomp was attempted by Ohta, wherein it was promptly caught by said Bulldog pilot, who proceeded to force Ohta backwards onto a jungle gym, falling over on top of the Asuka, damaging it beyond repair. Fortunately, Section 2's Captain Ki'ichi Goto had ordered in the newest model of Labor, the Patlabor AV-98 "Ingram", thus phasing the older Asuka out of service by replacing it.


Unit type: law enforcement anti-labor crime patrol labor
Manufacturer: Shinohara Heavy Industries
Commencement of sales: October 1996 AD
Height: 5.62 meters
Width: 4.32 meters
Maximum weight lifting capacity: 1.20 tons
Armor materials: high-tension steel
Standard equipment: none
Optional equipment: various
Minimum revolving radius: 5.20 meters