Specifications Edit

Factory Designation: Advanced Vehicle Type Zero Prototype

Codename/Nickname: Peacemaker

Operational Units: 1 (Movie), 2 (TV Series)

Manufacturer: Shinohara Heavy Industries, Hachioji Factory

Rollout Date: September 1999 A.D.

Operating Organization: SV2, 1 Squad.

Height: 8.32 Meters

Width: 4.51 Meters

Base Operating Weight: 6.21 Metric Tons

Operating Weight with optional equipment: 6.98 Metric Tons

Armor: Fiber-Reinforced Steel/Aluminum Alloy with Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Skeleton.

Maximum Lifting Capacity: 3.20 Metric Tons

Minimum Revolving Radius: 3.90 Meters

Standard Armament:

  • Anti-Labor Electromagnetic Riot Baton x1

Standard Equipment:

  • Riot Shield

Optional Armament/Optional Equipment:

  • All AV-98 Equipment

Appearances in Anime Edit

Original OVA: No

TV Series: No

New OVA: Yes

Movie 1: Yes

Movie 2: No

Movie 3: No

Sources Edit