HAL X-10

Appearing in Episode 5 of the Patlabor TV series, this was an experimental Military Labor with an equally experimental AI gone haywire, as it was prgrammed to level a city. It had no maps of how to find one but was unfortunately programmed to follow any road to simply find one to destroy. After they lured it into a vacant construction lot in the middle of nowhere, it was at first deemed too tough to bring down with the limited assortment of police-grade arsenal that Ingram pilots Izumi Noa and Isao Ohta had on hand. Thankfully this was just what led to the idea for the HAL X-10's undoing, as they had the idea to get Shinohara Asuma on board through the cockpit hatch and manually shut it down from the inside. After all was said and done, special vehicles, section 2 rode off down the road with Kanuka Clancy wondering to Captain Gotoh why they didn't destroy it, seeing as how they were told to despite leaving it in the vacant lot Noa and Ohta had done batle with it. Gotoh merely responded that it was 'too tough to destroy in the first place, with a knowing grin on his face. (He had mentioned earlier that if word got out of the incident, the press would 'have a field day', hinting that's exactly what he had planned all along.)

Unit type: experimental heavy attack military labor
Manufacturer: Shinohara Heavy Industries and Hishii Heavy Industries
Commencement of sales: ready for deployment in 2005 AD (first mass production unit planned to be ready in October 2003 AD)
Height: 9.03 meters (11.83 meters maximum)
Width: 7.15 meters
Standard weight: 17.41 metric tons
Full equipment weight: 20.28 metric tons
Maximum weight lifting capacity: 43.00 metric tons (on all 4 legs)
Minimum revolving radius: 5.88 meters
Armor materials: high-tension carbon reinforced material with composite armor
Armament: ATM launcher x 1, missile launcher x 9, smoke discharger x 12, anti-aircraft gun x 1, 135mm smooth-bore cannon x 1 (replaces ATM launcher)