The 7B "Brocken" is a military Labor designed for the West German military by Schaft Enterprises.

Specifications Edit Edit

Factory Designation: Military Labor Type 7B

Codename/Nickname: Brocken

Operational Units:

Manufacturer: Schaft Enterprises, Europe Division

Rollout Date: February 1998 A.D.

Operating Organization: West German Military, Schaft Enterprises

Height: 8.68 Meters

Width: 4.69 Meters

Base Operating Weight: 8.23 Metric Tons

Operating Weight with optional equipment: 8.92 Metric Tons

Armor: Fibre Reinforced Plastic.

Maximum Lifting Capacity: 4.00 Metric Tons

Minimum Revolving Radius: 6.20 Meters

Standard Armaments:

  • N/A

Optional Armaments:

  • N/A

Standard Equipment:

  • N/A

Appearances in Anime Edit Edit

Original OVA: Yes - (Appears in episode 7)

TV Series: Yes - (Appears in episodes 10,11, and 13)

New OVA: No

Movie 1: No

Movie 2: No

Movie 3: No