Unit type: Unmanned Underwater Exploratory Labor

Manufacturer: Buchiyama Heavy Industry
Commencement of sales: April 1998
Height: 1.96 (Legs Retracted) 3.30 metres (Legs Deployed)
Width: 2.45 metres
Standard weight: 0.65 tons
Full equipment weight: 0.85 tons
Armour materials: Reinforced Steel
Standard equipment: Manipulating Arms x 2
Appearances in anime: Original OVA Series (aka Early Days) episode 3; Patlabor the movie


This unmanned underwater Labor is equipped a variety of sensors such as heat detectors, infrared light camera and magnetic sensors and is operated from a ship on the surface of the water via cables which supply it's power. It was used by Shige in the Original OVA episode "The 450 Million Year Old Trap".


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